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Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is the method we use to de-construct your competitor’s online marketing strategy, assessing their strengths and weaknesses so that you can compete against them more effectively in search engine results pages and online advertising. Read more about competitor analysis from our seo expert.

What information does competitor analysis reveal?

We are able to identify the Google AdWords keywords that your competitor is bidding for. For example, as of going to press today the BCC is bidding for 84 keywords and phrases in the Google index, including Mozart requiem, orchestra, classical music, proms, electric proms, Royal Albert Hall events, requiem Mozart, total immersion, Stockhausen and YouTube symphony orchestra.

Competitor analysis is able to identify which external websites link back to your competitors website – backlink analysis. Backlink analysis is important not only because it can reveal that a competitor has a network of other websites or interests, but also reveals which external websites are passing vital ‘page rank’ authority to the competitors website, so improving their positioning in the search engine rankings.

Competitor analysis also reveals the anchor text keywords and phrases that external websites are linking back to your competitor – and therefore which keywords their keyword analysis has identified as being the most profitable.

Finally and this may seem obvious, competitor analysis also reveals who your competitors actually are. You may already know exactly who your main competitors are in your market, many markets are only served by specialist businesses, but a thorough online competitor analysis can often reveal surprises, companies who are preparing to make a movement into your market, hidden competition or competitors moving out of your sector or expanding into new markets which may also be beneficial for you to enter too.

Dorey Media also analyse the structure of your competitor’s website navigation and seo optimisation, this is very useful information to bear in mind while re-developing your own web presence.

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