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Internet Marketing

In the widest sense the term 'internet marketing' encompasses a broad range of online commercial activities. These include social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter et al), advertising, SEO, search engine marketing, niche marketing, e-commerce, advertising, newsletters, advertorials, ezines, press releases and a plethora of other activities.

Online Marketing

The fundamental goal of any marketing campaign is to exceed the minimum objectives of your marketing plan. Your marketing objectives at a business level may be to achieve a return on investment of at least 15%, achieve a specific operating profit and/or increase earnings per share by 10% annually. Dorey Media are able to help you design a marketing campaign to deliver these strategic goals.

To achieve your business level strategic goals we may suggest setting various functional objectives. These might include building a marketing database of 25,000 prospects in the next 12 months, achieving a specific market share or a certain level of brand awareness. To do this Dorey Media will employ the most effective combination of internet marketing methods, but there are a few marketing tools we are almost certain to suggest implementing if a client has not already deployed them.

Internet Marketing Essentials

Many internet marketers will swear that the single most reliable and cost effective marketing tool is their list of email contacts. Almost certainly our first suggestion will be to start building an email list and to use it effectively. Just as important will be to ensure that your website is optimised to rank well in search engines for keywords that prospects are actually typing into search engines. There is little advantage in ranking well for a keyword or phrase that receives little traffic. Whatever our suggestions are, and wherever we start your marketing plan will be tailored to your business objectives.

Dorey Media use SMART criteria when developing an internet marketing plan, we are;

  • Specific - the objective will be clearly stated.
  • Measurable - the current position and objective should be measurable so we know when the goal has or will be achieved.
  • Achievable - The objective should be realistic given the circumstances and resources available.
  • Relevant - The objective should be relevant to the people responsible for achieving them.
  • Time Bound - Objectives need to be set within a time-frame which is realistic.

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