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Keyword Analysis

In simple terms keyword analysis is the method used to establish which words or phrases will be the most effective in achieving the objective of driving relevant targeted visitor traffic to your website from search engine results pages (SERPs). Read about keyword analysis services from our seo expert.

Keyword analysis is an area of market intelligence which focuses on gathering a large sample of data from the search engines on a large number of search terms relating to your market segment and refining these results to form recommendations on keywords and phrases (often called long-tailed keywords) which are known to receive a large number of genuine searches and meet other pre-defined criteria that are tuned to your specific requirement.

Why is keyword analysis so important?

This is best illustrated with a real world example. Say you were a HiFi retailer looking to optimise your web presence and start a back-linking campaign to boost your website into the top 10 on Google. You may quite understandably think that optimising your website for the keyphrase 'HiFi Systems' which attracts 1,989 searches on every day would be the way to go, however if you asked us to make a recommendation, we would suggest optimising your website around the keyword 'Hi Fi Systems' because the one space between Hi and Fi makes a huge difference to the amount of traffic; over 4,438 people search for the exact phrase 'hi fi systems' on every day, and the seo competition for both variants is about the same. One very minor detail, adding a single space increases the number of potential customers viewing your website link and description by almost 2,500.

This kind of accurate quantitative analysis of Google's search data is not expensive - our keyword analysis service charges start from £495*, but can save your business a great deal of time and money in misdirected marketing. Our keyword analysis service generates thousands of keyword combinations based on seed keywords you provide and analyses every single one of them to establish which would provide the most efficient and cost effective route to qualified visitors to your website.

What methods are used in keyword analysis?

This process does sound a little complicated, but if we break down our keyword analysis method the reason we take great pains to get this part of your market research absolutely spot on becomes clear.

The first step in effective keyword analysis is to discuss your business, your current marketing strategy and your goals and expectations in order to create a short list of ‘seed’ keywords and phrases that you believe are correct for your market.

We then take this list of seed keywords and generate thousands of related keywords and keyphrases using specialist keyword analysis and SEO software tools that mine Google’s index to uncover the actual keywords real visitors type into the search page.

This list of thousands of keywords is gradually refined and reduced, a process we liken to panning for gold, by filtering out those keywords which are not commercial or relevant, get little or no traffic and those which are already far too well optimised by other sites to be able to achieve a meaningful rank in the index.

These applying these three filters reduces the thousands of keywords in our raw data down to a short list of keywords we know 1) are frequently searched for 2) are not too competitive and 3) commercially viable.

The keyword analysis stage also often exposes hidden market trends and other very useful market intelligence for the client which we will include in our report. We often expose hidden niche markets within a clients wider market sector which are being frequently searched for but have very little competition for the business.

How else can keyword analysis be used?

Keyword analysis is also extremely useful market research data for business start-ups, real qualified search data showing how many people are actually in the market for specific products and services and if it is viable for you to enter and us to position you to fully exploit the opportunity. Our keyword analysis results have also in some cases shown that a market a client is proposing to enter does not exist or is far smaller than anticipated, which has saved them considerable time and effort and enabled them to modify their business plan at an early enough stage to avoid significant losses.

Having completed the keyword analysis we have some well qualified accurate quantitative data extracted from Google’s index that we can take forward from keyword analysis to the next step, SEO Competitor Analysis.

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