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Professional Web Design

Dorey Media is much more than a professional Web Design company, we provide a fully interactive visitor experience that engages your customers and forms trusted and meaningful ongoing relationships with them.

Dorey Media have experience of developing a wide range of websites and web applications for a variety of different platforms. We understand that visitors to your website may be viewing it using any one of a myriad of web enabled devices, and that your site should work flawlessly on them. Professional web design is more than developing beautiful websites, a professional web design project must start with laying the perfect foundations for your development in exactly the right 'location' on the web to ensure that your website receives all the traffic you need to build a successful online business.

The first step in professional web design is market intelligence, and specifically keyword analysis. It is important to know exactly which terms your prospective clients are actually typing into the search engines, and which of these are commercially viable and a high search engine results page (SERP) ranking can be achieved.

Professional Web Design

Having established the keywords and keyphrases that will bring you the most traffic, we then map out the website navigation architecture so that it is these terms that are seen as the most relevant to your website's content by the search engines. If you are starting a small business this is the time to make a final decision over the domain name you will be using for your website. Search engines place a lot of authority on a domain name that contains or is preferably an exact match for the main keywords you are optimising your website for. Our article Brand Personality and Competitive Positioning Strategy - Choosing the Right Domain Name delves into this issue in more detail, but your small business web site design will achieve a far higher SERP ranking if you choose your domain name wisely.

Your professional web design now moves into the design stage, we have laid great foundations, you know where the market is, we have profiled your target audience and now we build you a beautiful web design.

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