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SEO Surrey

SEO Surrey

In addition to website development services Dorey Media also provide search engine optimisation (seo) services to business and non-profit organisations in Surrey and worldwide. It's quite probable that you are reading this web page because you originally clicked on a link in the results pages of one of the major search engines - possibly having searched for the phrase "SEO Surrey" or "seo expert". If you did then you will probably not need to be convinced that search engine optmisation (SEO) works and may also like your website to enjoy a similar prominance in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

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The green shoots of recovery are definitely appearing! We are noticing more and more new Surrey businesses are starting up and one of their first ports of call is a professional Web Design and seo company, and several have chosen Dorey Media as their preferred local Surrey seo company. Chertsey based start-up MMA Dream Ltd have found a very nice and rapidly growing niche market, retailing Mixed Martial Arts Clothing. Adam Perkins their Managing Director has had significant prior experience in online sports good retail and knew exactly what he expected from MMA Dream's partner web design and seo company - a clear understanding of his business and market, complete corporate branding including logo and slogan, an innovative web design, web 2.0 social networking with Facebook connectivity and application and a fully automated seo autoblogging news service that he could leave running 24 hours a day to post new fresh seo content on his website and create a fully automated daily digest newsletter, but most importantly a search engine optimised ecommerce web store which would scale up as the business grows and would automatically add all his products into Google Shopping (Google Merchant) - a tall order but well within Dorey Media's reach and experience.

Within five weeks of the seach engine optimised website going live his website has been indexed in Google for over 850 keywords and phrases, with over 200 highly commercial keywords ranking in the top 10 search results pages (SERPs) - many of these are high volume keywords and the exact match for the MMA clothing brands he carries. The autoblogging news robot we developed also creates an RSS feed and daily MMA Newsletter which organically creates new quality contextual seo backlinks to his website every day, without any manual effort. Needless to say Adam is delighted with the results of Dorey Media's market intelligence, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, professional web design and seo expert services.

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If you are a small business based in Surrey or any other part of the UK and would like to have a free, no obligation talk with our Surrey web design and seo expert please feel free to get in touch, we would love to work with you and help you to enjoy the kind of rapid and successful seo penetration of your market that MMA Dream have had with theirs.

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